Priyanshu Srivastava, Priyanka Kaushal, Nitanshi Madan, Rizwan Khan


In this technical world, everyone is trying to alleviate their work by developing or utilizing the latest technologies. We made an effort to take advantages of object recognition technique in e-commerce. About 56.2% population of the world buys online in 2019. So by implementing visual search in e-commerce applications, we are trying to bring more comfort in online shopping. Google provided an API for analysing an image which is named as Cloud Vision API. So we are using Google’s Cloud Vision API to detect the objects and its category from an image, in this way customers can purchase according to their choice just by capturing an image. The Amazon Web Services also provided an API for object detection named as amazon Rekognition. In this paper, we have demonstrated the implementation of visual search in online.

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