SDN In Telecom Network

Vishal Vasant Deshpande


AbstractSDN shifted the perception of value from hardware to software. Without SDN, disaggregation of the switch hardware and NOS and the emergence SD-WAN would have been far less likely to occur. Yet in reality, the original architectural approach behind SDN has achieved limited acceptance with Telecom Operators, despite high-interest.

The objective of this review paper is to specifically review how Software-defined-networking (SDN) can help Mobile Operator’s in transforming Telecom Networks. Section 1 introduces the challenges that Mobile Telecom Operators are facing. It starts with challenges due to legacy Telecom Network Architecture and then lists challenges in path of quickly adapting to SDN. Section 2 outlines the benefits of SDN, in general as well as specifically to Mobile Network. A quick view into SDN model particularly for Telecom, is mentioned. Section 3 lists Telecom Network Elements which are common SDN candidates. The final section 4, takes a summary view of challenges for SDN adaptation and discusses SDN evolution as a promise to solve these challenges.


KeywordsSDN, NFV, SDR, 5G, EPC, Packet Core

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