IoT Based Smart Parking System

Sarika Ganpat Gaikwad, Kale S. D.


Present day’s car parking has become a major issue in urban areas with lack of parking facilities and increased amount of vehicles, due to this drivers who are searching for parking space they were roaming around the city in peak hours. This causes traffic, waste of time and money. To solve those problems, this prototype is developed using sensor circuit, RFID and IoT. RFID used here to detect the car details, IR sensor is used to find the presence of the car and all details are accessed from remotely through IoT. This system helps user to find parking space availability with the help of Internet of Things (IoT) technology by providing parking free space information. The IoT maintains the database of the parked vehicles through a shared server. So drivers can book the slots in advance and the parking information updated in server. In addition to the parking, theft management will be done i.e. a theft vehicle came for parking then the number plate is checked with theft list in the database, if it is in theft list then a message is sent to the police. This prototype developed for the parking system with less human interaction, increases flexibility and security. This system is employable in airports and multiplexes parking.

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