Depth Analysis & Monitoring using K-Means Algorithm



In modern India, traffic on roads is increasing day by day. Life emergencies are getting disturbed and ambulances are unable to reach the hospital on time. The goal of this system is to understand ambulance services, reliability problems, traffic analysis and to resolve the same using potential technologies that can be used to automate ambulance services through traffic analysis and which will make patient-care more advance. This work has been done to conduct polling and data collection concerning emergency situation. Through this data, it is discovered that the main problems in ambulance services were associated with the delay in the emergency services which causes increase of stress experienced by patients and the amount of deaths. Potential technologies have been used in this work to improve emergency services which helps the people who are unable to reach the hospital on time. It also helps in the situations where ambulances are not available at the locations for the needy patient. It serves the ambulance driver to find the hospital routes which is not known to the driver.

Keywords- Geo-Spatial, Google Maps API Services, Android Studio, Bootstrap etc. 

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