Fire Accidents detection and Prevention in a Fireworks Industry Using IoT

Jayashri Murali, Newlin Rajkumar, Bhuvaneshwari P


Internet of Things is the vision towards future connecting the smart devices, sensors and actuators. These are the devices that directly exchange data between themselves with the help of internet and without human intervention. When we analysed about the fireworks accidents, they are being dealt with only human intervention. The detection and prevention of fire accidents is being done using colour pixel classification i.e., one of the image enhancement techniques. It does by capturing the image, analysing and making RGB to YCM conversions. Our research is to overcome the disadvantages like the lack of accuracy in the image enhancement technique. The main reason behind these accidents is due to GUN POWDER. The chemicals in the gun powder are not the only reason but also the temperature in the range of 35 -45 degrees which destroys the entire surrounding that area. So we have proposed a paper of detecting and preventing the fire accidents in advance by using IOT. We use temperature sensor, humidity sensor, sulphur sensor, flame detecting sensor, oxygen sensor, hydrogen sensor to detect the chemical misbalance and raise in temperature in the surrounding thereby sending a notification to the application and website being connected to the industry and also an alarm that alerts when a temperature or the poisonous gases goes beyond the given range. Therebyachieving 100% accuracy in our prediction.

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