A Case Study of IP Camera Monitoring Traffic Verification

Reem Alshalawi, Mohamed Osama Khozium


Technology takes apart of our daily life, it also became a confidant of our privacysuch as thesurveillance camera which is available everywhere andits presence has prevented many cases of robberies and crimes.

Despite the wide spread of IP camera, a serious drawback is present in it, where there is the probability of being hacked and therefore there will always be the fear of being under threat.

In this paper, the IP camera traffic will be monitored to detect if there is any attack that stopped the  camera from work, we proposean algorithm that splits the IP camera traffic into a set of streams, then calculates the time difference and its mean for each stream to determine whether the camera is attacked or not.

After calculating the standard deviation which affects positively on reducing the false alarm, the results showed high accuracy which reflects higher level in security and more confidence inIP camera performance.

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