Online Refereed Researches Subscription System

Theresa Mee Sarenas Habagat


In higher education institutions academic journals are sources of information for scholars and researchers.  The study aimed to develop an Online Refereed Researches Subscription System for Jose Rizal Memorial State University to facilitate common services needed by the researchers. The study used the developmental research method and applied System Development Life Cycle.  The instrument utilized for evaluation was patterned after the International Organization for Standardization and International and Electrotechnical Commission (ISO/IEC) 9126-1 for software quality factor where forty respondents comprising Faculty Researchers, Information Technology (IT) Professionals and IT Students were used to evaluate system’s effectiveness. The study revealed that the developed system is a hybrid system that can manage online process of acceptance, publication and subscription of researches and is found to have the six software qualities. Hence, it is recommended for adaption of the University as a tool for world-wide circulation of high-quality researches and additional income generating activities.

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