Realization of a Cognitive Radio Networks with an Exclusive In-Band Control Channels

S. Tamilarasan, P. A. Abdul Saleem


Presently a new technology which is highly preferred is wireless ADHOC networks. The traffic of the wireless ADHOC networks day by day is growing up due to this the scarcity problem arises in the available spectrum. The channel resources are allocated in Cognitive Radio Network (CRN) with a Dynamic Access methods of available sensed radio environment. The Dynamic Spectrum Allocation (DSA) is a suitable technique which solves the issue of spectrum scarcity in the CRNs. This DSA will coordinate with the channel access for schedule sensing , release connection etc. when two networks are active at the same moment. Here this research paper provides an analysis of reliable channels exclusively used for CRNs with respect to distribution of license-exempt bands and also determining the potential and limitations of every methods.

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