Integrating Assembly Lines of Governors by Using Lean Manufacturing Tools for a Automobile Industry

K Uma Maheshwar Rao, B Channveer .


The present dissertation work was carried in a xyz automotive industry. In order tointegrate the assembly lines of 'A' and 'B' type governors. These are used for controlling the speed of diesel engines. A type governor housings has been assembled through six different workstations of the assembly line and B type governor housings assembled through 9 different work stations. It was observed that, A and B assembly line cell efficiencies are 70% & 69% respectively. These cell efficiencies are poor compared as per industry standards(95%). Non value adding activity(NVA) times due to unnecessary material movement, operator movement, loading and unloading, non value adding work stations and large set up time of machines are identified using lean tools like value stream mapping(VSM), operator balance sheet(OBC) and single minute exchange of die. These NVA were eliminated by using lean layout concept and redesigned the assembly line. the redesigned A & B assembly line cell efficiencies are improved to 92% and 93% respectively.

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