Enhanced Security Authentication of WiMAX using EC3A

Mohd Javed, Khaleel Ahmad, Ahmad Talha Siddiqui


WiMAX is the innovation and upgradation of 802.16 benchmarks given by IEEE. It has numerous remarkable qualities, for example, high information rate, the nature of the service, versatility, security and portability putting it heads and shoulder over the current advancements like broadband link, DSL and remote systems. Though like its competitors the concern for security remains mandatory. Since the remote medium is accessible to call, the assailants can undoubtedly get into the system, making the powerless against the client. Many modern confirmations and encryption methods have been installed into WiMAX; however, regardless it opens with up different dangers. In this paper, we proposed Elliptic curve Cryptography based on Cellular Automata (EC3A) for encryption and decryption the message for improving the WiMAX security

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.23956/ijarcsse.v7i8.54


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