Telemedicine: Teleeverything Phenomena (Part 2)

Matthew N. O. Sadiku, Mahamadou Tembely, Sarhan M. Musa


Telemedicine, as practiced today, is a major new development in medicine. It allows healthcare practitioners to diagnose, treat, and monitor patients at a distance using telecommunications technology. It is a process, not a technology. It is not a new branch of medicine; it is integrated in many different medical fields. Telemedicine applications span the areas of telecare, telecardiology, teleradiology, telepathology, teledermatology, teleophtlalmology, teleoncology, telepsychiatry or “teleeveryting” in general.  This paper mainly focuses on these applications. In each of these applications, the professional is remote from the patient.  Based on our knowledge, these various applications of telemedicine are not covered in one place as done in this paper.

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