Effective Method of Fake Currency Detection System using Image Processing

Hlaing Htake Khaung Tin


This study will provide information about the different methods and algorithms used for fake currency detection system. The fake currency detection system is developed to detect the fake currency by applying different techniques and methods on currency note. Fake currency can be found only in high denominations like 10,000 kyats and 5,000 kyats in Myanmar. The increasing technological advancements have made the possibility for creating more counterfeit currency which is circulated in the market which reduces the overall economy of the country. This system consists of many steps like input image, preprocessing, feature extraction, comparison and output image. There are various ways to acquire image such as with the help of camera or scanner. Acquired image should retain all the features.Acquisition of image is process of creating digital images, from a physical scene. Here, the image is captured by a simple digital camera such that all the features are highlighted. Image is then stored for preprocessing.After preprocessing apply the image segmentation and features extraction. Finally compare the image into original image and then output the image. The result will predict whether the currency note is fake or not.

Effective Method of Fake Currency Detection System using Image Processing

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