Direct Memory Access with Cypress (PSoC)

Manish Aggarwal


Abstract- Programmable system on Chip are emerging as a powerful solution due to their ease of use and ability to replace large number of discrete ADC / DAC advantage. Simply replacing a large number of discrete components provides a significant power advantage. Here we will give an overview as how to implement an application based on PSOC by using PSOC Developer Kit which provides a common development platform where we can prototype and evaluate different solutions using PSOC architectures. Applications of PSOC are numerous in number and it takes lot of time to arrive at the conclusion especially for the start-ups. We have given the detailed view of the process and point to point description of the work, practices taken by us to achieve the application.


To enhance our basic approach towards the main goal we have started with implementing basic projects i.e. LCD Interfacing Project, Controlling Blinking LEDs and many more projects using the family processors i.e. CY8C28, CY8C38, CY8C55. After all the small projects we have actually focused in detail about achieving the applications. We will read about the “ADC data buffering using DMA” on PSOC. Our application is how to configure direct memory access (DMA) to buffer the analog to digital converter.


Keyboard : PSoC-5 board, USB cable, LCD.


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