Prototype Analysis for Business Intelligence Utilization in Data Mining Analysis

M. Venkata Krishna Rao, Ch Suresh, K. Kamakshaiah, M. Ravikanth


Tremendous increase of high availability of more disparate data sources than ever before have raised difficulties in simplifying frequent utility report across multiple transaction systems apart from an integration of large historical data. It is main focusing concept in data exploration with high transactional data systems in real time data processing.  This problem mainly occurs in data warehouses and other data storage proceedings in Business Intelligence (BI) for knowledge management and business resource planning. In this phenomenon, BI consists software construction of data warehouse query processing in report generation of high utility data mining in transactional data systems. The growth of a huge voluminous data in the real world is posing challenges to the research and business community for effective data analysis and predictions. In this paper, we analyze different data mining techniques and methods for Business Intelligence in data analysis of transactional databases. For that, we discuss what the key issues are by performing in-depth analysis of business data which includes database applications in transaction data source system analysis. We also discuss different integrated techniques in data analysis in business operational process for feasible solutions in business intelligence

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