The Development of Expert System for Corrosion Protection of Concrete Structures(Coated Systems) Using Mass Transfer Heuristics

Ohiri Thaddeus., Ituma Chinagolum, Mmeah Shedrack


Corrosion of concrete structures in buildings brings about  various problems such as reduced services life of the structure,  consequently degenerating to occasional collapse of high rise buildings. Resulting to loss of money, material, life etc. It is important to adopt methods to eliminate, lesson the effect or prevent corrosion of concrete structures. Expert system for corrosion protection of concrete structures is a user-friendly computer  interface using suitable software . The expert system consist of four features: a knowledge base, inference engine, a working memory and a predictive modeling power. It helps the user to find remedies for Corrosion-related issues of the concrete structure in building. The user can input the defects seen and the expert system will return the possible cause and remedies for the problem found -as the output -from the knowledge base of the Expert System.

The problem of lack of predictive modeling power among the existing systems that hitherto existed due to the difficulty in creating and interfacing with computational simulation models will be a thing  of the past  with this Expert System.

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