An Efficient Algorithm for Brick Counting

Jasleen Kaur, Sanpreet Singh, Satinderpal Singh


Counting is an important task for the Quantitative Analysis of things. Construction progress demands regular checking of bricks to get the estimation of number of bricks ordered, used or trashed; to prepare a report of construction progress. Manual counting always seems to be subjective judgement of count. It doesn’t assure accuracy, as it may be conceivable that same object gets numbered twice or thrice and sometimes, it got skipped by mistake which in turn leads to errorneous results. It always demands continous attention, eye fatigue and a good amount of time. To overcome the issues of manual counting, one needs an automated system. This paper aims at providing objective judgement to count the bricks. It paper presents an approach that will count the bricks installed on a wall accurately and in a very short time.

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