Reliable Media Communications in the IoT by Advanced JPEG and Blind Watermarking

Shubhangi D.C, Rumana Ambreen


This paper includes the consequences which lies in the IoT environment, specifically Secure mean of communication and user authentication are performed in biomedical images. Exchange of  results and data takes place in a smart healthcare environment. A secure camera along with AJPEG Compression technique is proposed here. The AJPEG architecture includes both encryption and watermarking which overcome all security related issues. The Encryption along with secure blind watermarking technique is used to provide high security with authentic data communication. The resulting data shows that the new BPG compression technique presents high first-rate photograph with authentic information as compare to JPEG approach. The performance of BPG Compression technique has been reached by placing the signature with encryption at middle location of the image and by introducing DCT technique of length 8*8 pixel used by frequency domain blind watermarking technique.

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