Importance of WBAN and its security: an overview

mohammed ali kamoona


modern day technology met a huge development in the aspect of internet based applications and distributed computations over the communication networks, thus leading it to a huge advancement and increasing the usage of many systems that serves of human life’s needs.  Our main scoop is the e-health application that is served via using wireless body area networks (WBAN).WBAN is one of the systems that was developed in order to serve human health care situation, via providing a real-time patient health status, monitoring, receiving and sending health data with a medical server, while keeping the patient at his natural environment like staying at home or anywhere else in his everyday life. In this work we have given an overview of the security requirements and mechanisms used to secure the WBAN system and its data. As the data represent a critical values and it have a very sensitive characteristics effecting human lives directly, thus it must be well protected and strongly secured before sharing it over a network. While, keeping in mind system availability at all times with a high reliability specifications.

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