Ubiquitous Environment for Data Stream Mining : A Survey

Jagruti D. Parmar, Jalpa T. Patel


Ubiquitous Data Mining (UDM) is a recent research topic that uses data mining techniques to extract useful knowledge from data continuously generated from devices with limited computational resources that move in time and space, namely when its characteristics reflect a World in Movement. UDM is the time-critical process of pattern discovery in data streams in a wireless environment. Data Stream Mining is defined as the process of extracting knowledge structures from continuous-rapid datasets. This paper presents overview of data stream mining. And also discuss issues and challenges for data stream mining ubiquitous environment. In short, this paper goal is to provide full knowledge of data stream mining in the ubiquitous environment.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.23956/ijarcsse.v8i7.820


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