Real-Time Security of MAODV in Multicast Mobile Ad-Hoc Network

Jeenat Sultana, Mohammed Arif Hasan Chowdhury


This paper deals with the security of multicast Mobile Ad-hoc networks (MANET). The security here has been assured by extending the well-known routing protocol, Multicast Ad-hoc On Demand Distance Vector routing protocol (MAODV) to a secure one using the RSA algorithm. Some security features have been added with the MAODV protocol and has been named SecMAODV. The concept of SAODV, a well-known protocol of unicast MANET, has been used for the security extension of MAODV. Security features in the routing protocol includes mechanisms for non-repudiation and authentication. Security is the most important factor in mobile ad-hoc networks. Without an infrastructure a network is more vulnerable. So a protocol with digital sign and certificate may reduce the possibility of external attacks. I have calculated the additional time needed for securing with RSA and compared the time difference without security.

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