Monitoring of Health Parameters by Using Raspberry Pi

S. Sandeep, P. Esther Rani, G.Sumalatha .


Now a days IOT place a key role, internet of things makes all objects interconnected and it has recognized as the next technical revolution. Some of the applications of IOT are smart banking, smart home, smart environment, smart city, industrial places agricultural fields and health monitoring process.

One such application is in health care to monitor the patient health status, internet of things makes medical equipment more efficient by allowing real time monitoring of patient health, in which sensor acquire data of patients and reduces the human error.

Our system is designed to be used in houses for measuring and monitoring various parameters like temperature, blood pressure, heart beat and any movements occur in coma patient. The results can be recorded using raspberry pi displayed on LCD display. Also, the results can be send to server using Wi-Fi module. Doctors can login in to website and view those results. If any variations in patients’ health like heartbeat, blood pressure, temperature which gives the alerts to the patients and to the respected guardians. The sensed information can be updated regularly for future purpose.

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