A Thesis on Partial Replacement of Cement by Eggshell Powder and Fine Aggregate by Crushed Gullet Pieces

N Mesha, A. Roopa, PS Banupriya .


Concrete is the most important engineering material & the addition of some other materials may change the properties of concrete with increase in trend towards the wider use of concrete and high rise buildings there is a growing demand of concrete with higher compressive strength. In the present study, and attempt has been made to investigate the strength parameters of concrete made with partial replacement of cement with 10%,20%,30% of fly ash & fine aggregate was replaced with 10%, 20%, 30% of waste glass pieces Compressive strength of cubes at 3days, 7days, &28days of duration were studied. Fineness modulus, specific gravity, moisture content, water absorption was also studied. Based on the test results, the ideal percentage of mix which shows maximum compressive strength was identified.

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