A Cross Tenant Access Control (CTAC) Model for Cloud Computing

I. Sankar Babu, M. Trilok Reddy, H. Naze .


Sharing of resources on the cloud can be achieved on a large scale since it is cost effective and location independent. Despite the hype surrounding cloud computing, organizations are still reluctant to deploy their businesses in the cloud computing environment due to concerns in secure resource sharing. In this paper, we propose a cloud resource mediation service offered by cloud service providers, which plays the role of trusted third party among its different tenants. This paper formally specifies the resource sharing mechanism between two different tenants in the presence of our proposed cloud resource mediation service. The correctness of permission activation and delegation mechanism among different tenants using four distinct algorithms (Activation, Delegation, Forward Revocation and Backward Revocation) is also demonstrated using formal verification. The performance analysis suggests that sharing of resources can be performed securely and efficiently across different tenants of the cloud.

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