A Study on the Back Ground Study of Ethical Practices in MMSMEs

M Hamsalekha .


In a developing economy like India, MSMEs play tremendous role in reengineering the socio-economic landscape of the country. These enterprises largely represent a stage in industrial transition from traditional to modern technology. Most of these MSMEs use simple skills and machinery as well as local raw materials and technology. MSMEs are vital in developing Andhra Pradesh State economy for the following reasons: social and political role in local employment creation, balanced resources utilization, income generation, utilization of local technology and raw materials and in helping to promote change in a gradual and peaceful manner. MSMEs are known as a catalyst for the growth productivity and competitiveness of the economy. Not only are they the seedbed for wealth creation, employment generation and poverty reduction, they have been recognized as critical breeding and nurturing grounds for domestic entrepreneurial capacities, technical skills, technological innovativeness and managerial competencies for the development of a vibrant and productive economy.

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