An Improved Image Restoration Technique for GIF Images

Geetanjali Jain, Supreet Kaur


Image restoration is used to emphasize and sharpen image features for display and analysis. Image restoration is the process of applying these techniques to facilitate the development of a solution to a computer imaging problem. Image restoration is an important issue in high level image processing which deals with recovering of an original and sharp image using a degradation and restoration model. During image acquisition process degradation occurs. Image restoration is used to estimate the original image from the degraded data. Aim of this research work is to provide a concise overview of most useful restoration models. Using the proposed approach the features of the neighboring pixels are calculated and on basis of these features image is restored. In this research work we use canny edge detection technique to find edges and use probability recovery method to find distortion in each pixel. Using thresholding value restore the distorted pixels and filter restored image. In the end performance evaluation of proposed method is performed based on various parameters like MSE, PSNR, contrast, and coefficient of correlation.

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