A Case Study on Performance Appraisal System in Service Sector Organisations India

A. Kavitha, P. Hemavathi .


This Paper focuses on the factors affecting performance appraisal system in India. The services sector covers a wide array of activities ranging from services provided by the most sophisticated sectors like telecommunications, satellite mapping, and computer software. Performance appraisal or evaluation is the process of identifying, measuring and developing human performance in organizations. An effective appraisal system must not only accurately measure current performance levels, but also contain mechanisms for reinforcing strengths, identifying deficiencies and feeding such information back to rates in order that they may improve future performance.  In this paper we present the review of some popular performance appraisal techniques in India. In recent years, performance management has become more significant because managers are under constant pressure to improve the performance of their organisations. It is now realised that the performance of organisations influence the organisation’s continued existence and success.

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