Performance and Emission Characteristics of Bio-Diesel Blends with Diesel Using Ceramic Coated Piston on 4- Stroke Single Cylinder Engine

V. Jyotsna Kalpana, R. Bhaskar Reddy .


Diesel engines are being used extensively for fuel economy but due to gradual depletion of Petroleum resources and the impact on the environment by increase in exhaust gas emissions, there is an urgent need for suitable alternative fuels for the diesel engines. Now-a-days our country is spending lot amount of foreign exchange for the petroleum fuels. As our country is an agricultural country, if the alternate fuels are produced by our farmers it will be beneficial for the country and the farmers also. In recent studies, researchers studied various vegetable oils like canola oil, jatropha, karnja oil, rice ban oil, aloveera oil, soya been oil, sunflower oil, flaxseed oil and honne oil etc. Out of all canola oil play an important role as an alternative fuel.  But the properties of canola oil are not suitable for the usage of the existing diesel engines without any modifications. Hence in the present work an attempt is made to assess the suitability of vegetable oil for diesel engine operation, without any change in its old construction.

Further the performance of the engine depends on the material used for the insulation. So in the present work it is planned to develop an insulated engine with various materials like PSZ, TIO2 and Y2O3 etc. In general more amount of heat is transferred to the cooling medium through the piston. Hence to retain the heat inside the combustion chamber, in the present work it is planned with various piston material like brass, cupper, Mnemonic alloy etc.,

An attempt is made to analyze the performance and emission characteristics of different blends of canola oil like 10% ,20% ,30% ,40% etc., using Titanium oxide coated piston on a four stroke single cylinder water cooled diesel engine. Experiments were carried out on a diesel engine using different blends of canola oil on volume basis. Performance parameters are calculated based on experimental analysis of the engine. Emissions such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, NOX and unburned hydrocarbon are measured. The test results indicates that the piston which is coated with TiO2 using canola oil blends gives better performance and emission results compared to all fuel mixtures and diesel under this study.

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