Development and Characterization of AL6061-ZrO2 Reinforced Metal Matrix Composites

K. Aruna, K. Diwakar, K. Bhargav Kumar .


The aim of the present investigation is to find out the effect of reinforced particles zirconium dioxide(ZrO2) on mechanical properties of aluminium alloy AL6061 composites which is developed by using the liquid metallurgy process (Stir Casting technique).

The proposed work is to fabricate the Al6061/ZrO2 composite material and compare the mechanical properties like tensile strength and hardness of the Al6061 with the developed AL6061/ ZrO2 composite material. The composites of Al6061/ZrO2 can be prepared by using the stir casting technique in which the ZrO2 can be varied separately from 2-10 wt% in steps of 2wt%(i.e. 2,4,6,8,10).Micro structural studies and analysis were carried out on all developed Al6061/ZrO2 composites by using SEM (Scanning electron microscope). Micro structural study reveals that uniform distribution of reinforcement zirconium dioxide (ZrO2)particles in as cast AL6061 metal matrix composites.The results of this study is reveled that, there is a significant improvement in Hardness and Tensile strength was found with increase in Zirconium dioxide particles in weight percentage of composites. As expected, the percentage elongation diminished with increased weight percentage of reinforcement in the aluminum matrix.

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