IoT Based Home Security System Using Raspberry Pi with Email and Voice Alert

R. Rani, S. Lavanya, B. Poojitha .


This paper is based on the concepts of IoT, where in an unauthorized or unwanted intrusion or motion is detected using different hardware and software tools. This paper makes the use of an Raspberry Pi 3 board. For example: If an Intruder or unauthorized persons enter into our zone the PIR Sensor detects the person activity then the security system capture the image of the unauthorized person and also give real time alert SMS to the authorized person After the real time SMS alert the security system gives the buzzer sound.  The image will be captured using Pi Camera which is attached to the Raspberry Pi.  The captured image will be sent to the authorized person via g-mail by the usage of inbuilt WIFI module in the Raspberry Pi board.  The real time alert SMS is sent using the WAY2SMS which is connected through the internet.  After completion of all these activities the buzzer will be activated and also sends voice messages through loud speaker. 

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