Grid Integration of Hybrid PV and Wind Power System with Fuzzy Based Energy Management System

P. Suresh, Ch. Lenin Babu, B. Srinivas R .


This paper proposes Fuzzy Logic Control (FLC) based Energy Management System (EMS) for Hybrid Power System (HPS) which is combination of a PV generator, Wind turbine, Fuel Cells and battery Storage device. The arrangement adopts to limit the grid power profile variances while keeping the battery condition of charge inside secure cut-off points. The proposed approach utilizes both the micro grid energy rate-of-progress and the battery condition of charge to increase, reduce and/or maintain the power transferred/consumed by the mains. The FLC are used to enhance a predefined set of control standards of the micro grid behavior. The different scenarios to use the fuel cell or battery during critical periods are investigated using MATLAB/Simulink software.

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