An Automated Brain Tumor Detection in MRI using Firefly Optimized Segmentation

Prabhjot Kaur, Amardeep Kaur


In the medical field brain tumor detection is an important application. The existing techniques of segmentation has various limitations. Existing techniques ignored the medical images which have poor quality or low brightness. Segmentation becomes the challenging issue as the image contains non-uniform object texture, cluttered objects, different image content and image noise. New technique of segmentation is proposed by research to detect tumor from MR images using firefly algorithm, then tumor is segmented and its features are extracted from MR image.  The main goal of Research to design an algorithm for MRI based brain tumor segmentation using firefly algorithm and to improve the accuracy of the tumor detection. Fireflies produce a reaction in their body which produce light , this chemical reaction is called bioluminescent. By using firefly technique it is possible to detect and localize tumor accurately. For comparative analysis, various parameters are used to demonstrate the superiority of proposed method over the conventional ones.

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