A Review on the New Speed 5G

Trishla Shrivastava, Archana Sharma


This paper is an attempt to throw light on 5g technology that is existing in the market today. this paper is a review on the advantages and disadvantages of 5g. It also includes a brief history on how the world reached to 5g.

In this fast growing world where the demand of everything has increased to a different level, a requirement to stay connected with the world is at atmost priority, which requires a high sped internet. This connectivity can be provided by the 5g as it is promised.The coming of 5G technologies will change the way  how the most users access their phones.

In past few decades things have changed alot, so lets a peek through to what they lacked and how this will be fulfilled by this new technology 5g.To realize 5G, evolution and revolution both approaches are being employed.Looks for new innovations and technologies. Frequency spectrum, network densification, MIMO, carrier aggregation, CentralizedRAN, HetNets, and Network Functionality Virtualization are the key enablers. This paper spreads information about what research and developments are going on in 5G technology.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.23956/ijarcsse.v8i5.679


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