Analytical Study on Big Data

Vivek Raich, Pankaj Maurya


in the time of the Information Technology, the big data store is going on. Due to which, Huge amounts of data are available for decision makers, and this has resulted in the progress of information technology and its wide growth in many areas of business, engineering, medical, and scientific studies. Big data means that the size which is bigger in size, but there are several types, which are not easy to handle, technology is required to handle it. Due to continuous increase in the data in this way, it is important to study and manage these datasets by adjusting the requirements so that the necessary information can be obtained.

The aim of this paper is to analyze some of the analytic methods and tools. Which can be applied to large data. In addition, the application of Big Data has been analyzed, using the Decision Maker working on big data and using enlightened information for different applications.

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