Design and Comparative Analysis of Rectangular Slot Microstrip Patch Antennas for X-band Applications

Pushpinder Singh, Gaurav Monga


Microstrip patch antenna is a compact antenna which suffers the limitations of poor gain and reduction in radiation pattern. To reduce the resonance frequency of microstrip antenna increases the length of surface current with help of cutting slots in the patch. In this paper, a comparison of four Microstrip antennas with unequal length of rectangular slots is proposed. The microstrip antennas having rectangular shaped ground plane and FR4-epoxy substrate with relative permittivity 4.4, relative permeability 1 and dielectric loss tangent 0.02 with an overall size of 100×100×5 mm3. The performance of antennas is compared with slots in the patch and the effects of rectangular slots using operating frequency of 8 to 12 GHz are presented. The design simulate and analyze on FEM based HFSSv11 and this helps to compute VSWR, return loss,  gain, radiation efficiency and 3D polar plot of the proposed microstrip antenna. The proposed configuration gives broadside gain of more than 8 dBi and VSWR (>2) over entire range in simulated results.

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