Development of Dermatological Skin Disease Detection and Classification based on Wavelet and ANN

Revati Kadu, U. A. Belorkar


One of the most common and augmenting health problems in the world are related to skin. The most  unpredictable and one of the most difficult entities to automatically detect and evaluate is the human skin disease because of complexities of texture, tone, presence of hair and other distinctive features. Many cases of skin diseases in the world have triggered a need to develop an effective automated screening method for detection and diagnosis of the area of disease. Therefore the objective of this work is to develop a new technique for automated detection and analysis of the skin disease images based on color and texture information for skin disease screening. In this paper, system is proposed which detects the skin diseases using Wavelet Techniques and Artificial Neural Network. This paper presents a wavelet-based texture analysis method for classification of five types of skin diseases. The method applies tree-structured wavelet transform on different color channels of red, green and blue dermoscopy images, and employs various statistical measures and ratios on wavelet coefficients. In all 99 unique features are extracted from the image. By using Artificial Neural Network, the system successfully detects different types of dermatological skin diseases. It consists of mainly three phases image processing, training phase, detection  and classification phase.

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