A Study of Bluetooth Wireless Technology Using Recent Attacks

Shivangi Gautam, Ashutosh Pandey, Rizwan Khan


Bluetooth is a  wireless technology that is used for the exchange of information over a network for short separations. It is a low controlled, short range application. It utilizes Bluetooth to convey to other Bluetooth-empowered gadgets because it is a communication protocol. Bluetooth resembles some other correspondence convention that you utilize each day, for example, HTTP, FTP, SMTP, or IMAP. Bluetooth is designed to connect with monitor and mouse without any connection with CPU. Different kinds of Bluetooth gadgets are headsets, Bluetooth prepared printer, in-auto Bluetooth framework, Bluetooth gps framework, Bluetooth console, Bluetooth prepared webcam and so on. Bluetooth advancement tends to an open entryway for the business to pass on remote arrangements that are unavoidable over an expansive scope of gadgets. The constraints and properties of Bluetooth scatter presents remarkable troubles in framing a system in which all devices communicate with each other directly. In this paper, detailed description of Bluetooth along with its working is given. Description also includes connection protocols of the Bluetooth, usage models, advantages and dis-advantages. Further, various applications of the Bluetooth wireless technology are portrayed.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.23956/ijarcsse.v8i4.627


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