Smart Cities: Study and Comparison of Traffic Light Optimization in Modern Urban Areas Using Artificial Intelligence

Mustapha Kabrane, Salah-ddine Krit, Lahoucine El Maimouni


In large cities, the increasing number of vehicles private, society, merchandise, and public transport, has led to traffic congestion. Users spend much of their time in endless traffic congestion. To solve this problem, several solutions can be envisaged. The interest is focused on the  system of road signs: The use of a road infrastructure is controlled by a traffic light controller, so it is a matter of knowing how to make the best use of the controls of this system (traffic lights) so as to make traffic more fluid. The values of the commands computed by the controller are determined by an algorithm which is ultimately, only solves a mathematical model representing the problem to be solved. The objective is to make a study and then the comparison on the optimization techniques based on artificial intelligence1 to intelligently route vehicle traffic. These techniques make it possible to minimize a certain function expressing the congestion of the road network. It can be a function, the length of the queue at intersections, the average waiting time, also the total number of vehicles waiting at the intersection

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