An Enhanced Methodology to Protect the Patient Healthcare Records Using Multi-Cloud Approach

R. Josephius Arunkumar, R. Anbuselvi


Now-a-days, most hospitals and medical centers is to manage huge volume of patient’s medical records into database. It is essential to collect and access this information everywhere, to increase productivity and improve quality of health cares. Need to access electronic health information across the world and improve the quality of healthcare to patients will highlight importance of using cloud computing architecture in this area. But, despite the benefits of cloud computing applications for health care, the security challenges of cloud should be addressed. In this paper, we introduce and describe a new proposed model called Electronic Health Record with Multi-Clouds Databases. This model will ensure the privacy of persons in a network and multi-cloud environment using cryptographic algorithm and distributed storage. This model is able to store any type of data such as number, string, image, etc. in a cloud environment. The Electronic Health Record with Multi-Clouds Database prevent from illegal intrusion and access to data in cloud environment and provide services such as data integrity, confidentiality and permanent availability of data in a safe and secure way. The evaluation results of proposed method show that despite increasing time of information storage and retrieval and System overhead

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