Parallelizing Web Service Upload \ Download files

Mustapha Mohammed Baua'a


The I\O file system Read\Write operations are considered the most significant characteristics. Where, many researchers focus on their works on how to decrease the response time of I\O file system read\write operations. However, most articles concentrate on how to read\write content of the file in parallelism manner. Here in this paper, the author considers the parallelizing Read\Write whole file bytes not only its contents. A case study has been applied in order to make the idea more clear. It talks about two techniques of uploading\downloading files via Web Service. The first one is a traditional way where the files uploaded and downloaded serially. While the second one is uploaded\ downloaded files using Java thread in order to simulate parallelism technique. Java Netbeans 8.0.2 have been used as a programming environment to implement the Download\Upload files through Web Services. Validation results are also presented via using Mat-lab platform as benchmarks. The visualized figures of validation results are clearly clarifying that the second technique shows better response time in comparison to the traditional way.

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