Efficient Path Establishment Algorithm in MANETs using Bio-Inspired Techniques

Navneet Kaur, Amandeep Verma


The network in which the nodes can enter or leave the network as per their need is known as mobile ad-hoc network. This is a self-configuring type of network and so the routing in this type of network is very difficult. Numerous routing protocols are involved here which are classified on the basis of their properties into reactive, proactive and hybrid protocols. There are several important parameters such as delay, packet loss and throughput. These parameters are utilized for checking the performance of three routing protocols namely AODV, DSR and DSDV within this research. In comparison to the other protocols, the AODV routing protocol provides better results. In order to provide efficient path establishment from source to destination, enhancement has been proposed here within the AODV protocol which includes the utilization of cuckoo search and bee colony named bio-inspired techniques in it. The nodes that are found to be common in the selected paths are chosen to be the best nodes for the path. The NS2 tool is used for performing the simulations. As per the results achieved it can be seen that the AODV protocol provides better results in terms of the above mentioned parameters.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.23956/ijarcsse.v7i8.56


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