Recognition of Protrusion Defect Fault in Gas Insulated Switchgear Base on SF6 Decomposition Product

Visa Musa Ibrahim


A solid analytic procedure of Gas insulated switchgear condition checking is utilized in this studies as a part of exploration for the detection of sulphur hexafluoride gas (SF6) decomposition by-product because of its high affectability, reliability and anti-electromagnetic obstruction. This is known as chemical decomposition by-product method. A simulated coaxial deterioration chamber was designed and used on the high voltage electrode to re-enact the decomposition of SF6 under the impact of protrusion defect that generates partial discharge in the coaxial chamber at a pressure of 0.2MPa.The chamber is energised at 50kv for the period of 50 hours and the generated partial discharge simulate the decomposition of SF6 gas. The deterioration decomposition products SO2, SOF2, SO2F2, SO2F10, SiF4, CO, C3F8, C2F6 were detected offline by FTIR spectrometer. These deteriorated items and its concentration can be utilized to recognize and distinguish the type and the magnitude of fault in gas insulated switchgear (protrusion fault) before failure occur for the aim of preventive maintenance.

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