iNotify&Monitor System with Data Analytics using RFID and Mobile Broadband Technology

Jean Richel Bagon Santander


Effective notification and monitoring of students’ attendance are among the significant developments of any higher education institution must have. This study primarily focused on the design and development of an iNotify&Monitor System with Data Analytics using RFID and Mobile Broadband Technology. It is a 3-in-1 software that is intended to help Jose Rizal Memorial State University-Katipunan (JRMSU-K) Campus improve its procedures in notifying the students every time there are important announcements such as class cancellations, delays, schedule of activities or even a warning in case of emergency for their safety, monitoring students’ attendance, and examining enrolment and attendance records for better decision-making. The tools used in the development of this software were Microsoft Visual Studio C#, PHP, and MySQL. Based on the system evaluation, it was evaluated as “very effective”. It is then highly recommended that the system should be immediately utilized as it was viewed to improve the student management in the university.

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