Dynamic Clustering and Cluster Head Selection for Energy Optimization under Wireless Sensor Network

Ravinder Singh, Rajdavinder Singh Boparai


Wireless sensor network is a field of networking that has been used for sensing information from environment.  In WSN the sensor nodes are attached to a battery for sensing information. Each node utilizes three types of energy during its lifetime over the network. These energies are sensing energy, transmission or receiving energy and idle energy. During the sensing information the nodes consumes energy and transmission energy is used to transmit a data over a distance. Idle energy is that when node is not working but remains in on state. Due to deployment of WSN in unreachable area energy is main constraint for network to be cost effective.

The major issue is network lifetime that must be increase so that network performs for long duration of time and provide cost effective for an n organization. To overcome this issue various methods had been proposed, chaining, pegasis, clustering and chain head selection are one of these methods.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.23956/ijarcsse.v8i1.529


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