Cloud Computing Security Issues and Challenges: A Review

Pankaj Gehaloach, Rohit Mahajan


With the rapid development of cloud computing, more and more data are being centralized into remote cloud server for sharing, which raises a challenge on how to keep them both private and accessible. The Research in Cloud Computing remains attractive because of crave to obtain high performance, accessibility, low cost and many other luxuries. Hence, growth of internet and virtualization technology, cloud computing gains a lot of attention in the field of computer networks. Due to these reasons to maintain secure and robust data, security in cloud computing is one of most important issue. Cloud computing is an upcoming uprising in computer science and information technology industry because of its performance, security, accessibility, low cost and many other amenities. Cloud security is a multifaceted and highly complex issue. Today security is main issue in cloud. All industry is moving toward cloud computing so security of data on cloud is essential so different security algorithm (like DES, AES, RSA etc.) has been implemented. In this paper, we compared and analyzed different security related issues and models. We also matched the challenges and security related issues of different security related algorithms plus models under different parameters such as confidentiality, integrity, authentication and authorization.

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