Dynamic Public Data Auditing Schemes on Cloud: A Survey

R.Santha Maria Rani, Dr.Lata Ragha


Cloud computing provides elastic computing and storage resource to users. Because of the characteristic the data is not under user’s control, data security in cloud computing is becoming one of the most concerns in using cloud computing resources. To improve data reliability and availability, Public data auditing schemes is used to verify the outsourced data storage without retrieving the whole data. However, users may not fully trust the cloud service providers (CSPs) because sometimes they might be dishonest. Therefore, to maintain the integrity of cloud data, many auditing schemes have been proposed. In this paper, analysis of various existing auditing schemes with their consequences is discussed.

 Keywords: — Third Party Auditor (TPA), Cloud Service Provider (CSP), Merkle-Hash Tree (MHT), Provable data Possession (PDP), Dynamic Hash Table (DHT).

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.23956/ijarcsse.v8i1.518


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