An Enhanced Attack Graph Model Based Technique to Mitigate Zombie Attack in Cloud Computing using Fuzzy Logic

Ravneet Kaur, Rekha Bhatia


A cloud storagea secure cloud of solid cloud data is a solid well-defined framework. This is the confidence of the cloud an essential undertaking for cloud specialist organizations. In this proposed research a technique is developed for security in cloud users. An improvement in the existing technique that is called Role Based Access Model is done by including the command and browser analysis. Using these included features the activities of any unauthorized or authorized person is recorded that is to be analyzed later on to find out the intruder in network of cloud. This implementation aims towards the establishment of performance qualitative analysis on load sharing in VM to VM and then implemented in Clouds with Java language. In this thesis the study of load balancing algorithm with heterogeneous resources of the cloud, followed by comparative survey of other algorithms in cloud computing with respect to scalability, homogeneity or heterogeneity and process migration. Cloudlet long length versus Host bandwidth a pattern is observed in which response time increases in proportionate manner. Using the modified approach the reduction in the down time of the various processes is achieved as shown in results.

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