Survey on Identity Management using Blockchain Technology

Mardavkumar Gandhi


In the present interconnected world, digital IDs are used to demonstrate identity. These IDs prove to be only tangentially related to the service being accessed and requires us to apply a significant amount of privacy. The current systems possess number of problems such as proxies but blockchain proves to be the solution for this type of Identity related problem.

Markers of identity are often required to be very personal pieces of data. Consider a list of personal information collected when someone opens a savings account, such as address and identification (driver’s license or passport). It’s easy to take these pieces of data for granted, as we’ve generally become accustomed to handing them over at the drop of a hat. But let’s take a moment to consider what giving up these pieces of identity really means and whether is it necessary?

In handing over a passport to a banker, a person gives the bank full permission to record not only their date and place of birth, but also everywhere he or she has toured.

In order to solve above privacy problem and to make Identity sharing process more user friendly I have implemented an Identity Management System with Blockchain technology with the help of hyperledger fabric framework.

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