Signature Verification Using Artificial Neural Network

Palak Patel


The human signature is most important for access. Signature of the person is important biometric attribute of a human being which is used to authenticate human identity. There are many biometric characteristics by which one can have own identity like face recognition, fingerprint detection, iris inspection and retina scanning. In non-vision based techniques voice recognition and signature verification are most widely used. Verification can be performed either Online or Offline. Online system of signature verification uses dynamic information of a signature captured at the time the signature is made. Offline system uses scanned image of signature. In this paper, I present a method for Offline Verification of signatures using a set of simple shape based geometric features. As signatures play an important role in financial, commercial and legal transactions, truly secured authentication becomes more and more crucial. This paper presents the off-line signature recognition & verification using neural network in which the human signature is captured and presented in the image format. Various image processing techniques are used to recognize and verify the signature. Preprocessing of a scanned image is necessary to isolate the signature part and to remove any spurious noise present. Initially system use database of signatures obtained from those individuals whose signatures have to be authenticated by the system. Then artificial neural network (ANN) is used to verify and classify the signatures. The implementation details and results are discussed in the paper.

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