Multiple MapReduce Jobs in Distributed Scheduler for Big Data Applications

Kasi Perumal Sundaraj, Madhusudhan Rao T, Praveen Chander P G


The majority of large-scale data intensive applications executed by data centers are based on MapReduce or its open-source implementation, Hadoop. Such applications are executed on large clusters requiring large amounts of energy, making the energy costs a considerable fraction of the data center’s overall costs. Therefore minimizing the energy consumption when executing each MapReduce job is a critical concern for data centers. In this paper, we propose a framework for improving the energy efficiency of MapReduce applications, while satisfying the service level agreement (SLA).We first model the problemof energy-aware scheduling of a single MapReduce job as an Integer Program. We then propose two heuristic algorithms, called energy-aware MapReduce scheduling algorithms (EMRSA-I and EMRSA-II), that find the assignments of map and reduce tasks to the machine slots in order to minimize the energy consumed when executing the application. Our algorithm able to find near optimal job schedules consuming approximately 40 percent less energy on average than the schedules obtained by a common practice scheduler that minimizes the makespan.

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