Efficient Steganography Algorithm Based On DCT And Entropy Thresholding Technique

Satvir Singh


Steganography is the special art of hidding important and confidential information in appropriate multimedia carrier. It also restrict the detection of  hidden messages. In this paper we proposes steganographic method based on dct and entropy thresholding technique. The steganographic algorithm uses random function in order to select block of the image where the elements of the binary sequence of a secret message will be inserted. Insertion takes place at the lower frequency  AC coefficients of the  block. Before we insert the secret  message. Image under goes dc transformations after insertion of the secret message we apply inverse dc transformations. Secret message will only be inserted into a particular block if  entropy value of that particular block is greater then threshold value of the entropy and if block is selected by the random function. In  Experimental work we calculated the peak signal to noise ratio(PSNR), Absolute difference , Relative entropy. Proposed algorithm give high value of PSNR  and low value of Absolute difference which clearly indicate level of distortion in image due to insertion of secret message is reduced. Also value of  relative entropy is close to zero which clearly indicate proposed algorithm is sufficiently secure. 

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.23956/ijarcsse.v8i1.483


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